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Life Insurance

The financial advisors at Bequest Insurance can help you determine if life insurance is appropriate for your needs, and if so what kind may be most beneficial to meet your goals.

Personal Insurance Options

  • Burial expenses – For funeral expenses. Insurance benefits can be assigned directly to the funeral home.
  • Mortgage and debt protection – To pay off a mortgage, credit cards, a student loan and other personal debt.
  • Education – The cash value in a life insurance policy can provide funds for a college education.
  • Charitable giving – Life insurance can fund a donation to a charity, church, foundation or nonprofit organization.
  • Estate creation – Whole life insurance policies gives the insured an instant estate and makes him or her worth a lot more money.
  • Estate taxes – To pay estate taxes when final taxes are due.
  • Inheritance equalization – If the son inherits the family's $2 million mansion, what does the daughter get of equal value? How about a $2 million death benefit from a life insurance policy? This gives both children an equal inheritance.
  • Survivor income – To provide a lifetime income to a widow or widower when the spouse dies. It's instant security.
  • Children's insurance – Life insurance on a child not only guarantees a death benefit; it also ensures that the child will be guaranteed insurable for future life insurance coverage.

Business Insurance Options

  • Buy/sell agreements – To fund an agreement between two or more partners in a business that stipulates that when one of the partners dies, the death benefit goes to purchasing the deceased partner's interest in the business.
  • Credit line coverage – To help secure a line of credit for a business by being a solid business asset that can be used as collateral for a loan.
  • Key Person coverage – To protect a business from monetary losses caused by the death of a key executive or employee.
  • Employee benefit – Group life insurance is a valuable benefit a business can use to attract quality employees.
  • Debt coverage – A sole proprietor of a business can use life insurance to cover his debts when he dies.
  • Charitable giving – Self-funding insurance that has outlived its original goal can be donated to a charity, church, foundation or nonprofit organization.

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